Artist Statement 

Rather than planning my pieces in advance, I allow dreamscapes to take form as I layer patterns and symbols onto each other. In this way, the characters and scenes of my artwork come alive as if by their own volition, retaining in the process, the many separate parts that make up the whole.  My work thereby represents the infinitely multifaceted realms of the imagination and the often disjointed parts that are ever-present beneath the surface of anything that appears complete

Artist Bio

Conor Kolk a.k.a MRSA, creates sculptures and paintings that bring to life pleasant dreams or strange nightmares. His sculptures are composed of layered woodwork with repeating geometric shapes, forming creatures and beings from unwritten mythology.  Kolk has a high school level of education and learned most of his artistic skills through life experience. He was originally born in Fremont, CA, and now lives in New Orleans, LA- where he is an active member of the artist and punk rock communities.